MMA Classes in NJ

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  • Safety
  • Staff
  • Facility
  • Knowledge
  • Curriculum

 For anyone practicing martial arts, we must have a priority on the safety of the drills, where the drills are done, who were are practicing with and who is moderating them. I beieve the first three are interconnected which safety is achieved when practiced in a conditioned environment with state of the art mats and overseen by a knowledgable staff of trainers.

As far as knowledge, these instructors should not only be certified, but CERTIFIED IN THE AREA THEY ARE TEACHING? A black belt does not mean they are able to deal with 5 years old nor authorized to teach fitness classes. For that matter, if they are certified, when was the last update on their “recertification”?

Finally we can address curriculum. Does a Karate person mean they can teach grappling, or a grappling expert mean they can teach muay thai kickboxing? Are they following a proven curriculum that will achieve a measurable result at the end of the program?

To satisfy all these criteria, I suggest you visit The programs available there satisfy age-specific programming separating 3 & 4,  5 & 6, 7 - 9, 10 – 13 years olds.

For adults they have full ranking curriculum for Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA/Combat Submission Wrestling.

To make this even better, tell them that FREE MMA CLASSES IN NJ sent you and get 2 Weeks of training at NO CHARGE!

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